The Grove Pre-School Playgroup

Our Ethos

At the Grove Playgroup we recognise that the prime motivation for children’s early learning is their own joy of life and the pleasure they gain from experiences offered to them.

The children are encouraged to learn and explore from different materials such as water, paint, glue and clay. They get messy!

At every session we offer ‘freeflow’, where the children can choose where and what they play with. There is access both indoors and outdoors and in all weathers.

The Playgroup gives children the opportunity to:

• Play and share with other children.
• Enjoy stories, rhymes and music.
• Explore the world around them in a safe environment.
• Acquire skills and co-ordination for physical development.
• Make choices to help develop confidence and independence.


By means of appropriate play activities, we offer each child the opportunity to work towards nationally recognised early learning goals as outlined in the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage (September 2021).


Prime Areas

• Personal social and emotional.
• Development.
• Communication and language.
• Physical development.

Specific Areas

• Literacy.
• Maths.
• Understanding the world.
• Expressive Arts and Design.

Each child’s development is unique and special. Children progress at different rates in different areas of development; it would be misleading to imply that one area is more important than others.


At the Grove Playgroup, our curriculum is influenced by:


Outdoor Learning

Children learn to manage their own risk, use tools and have ‘hands-on experiences’ by accessing natural materials and exploring independently.

Rights Respecting

Our charter is based on the right to play and the responsibility to share and take care.