The Grove Pre-School Playgroup

This policy is intended for, on behalf of The Grove Pre-School Playgroup, Dorchester. All policies, and statements in regards to the Grove beyond this website, are accessible by contacting the Grove.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is maintained throughout your experience on our website. We do not store, or track any information, about you, or your digital footprint. Our chosen webhost has minimal web analytics, which are collected on their servers, however are completely anonymous, and again do not store, or collect any information, about you, or your web client (browser, computer, smart phone etc), which could identify you as an individual.


We do not use any other third party analytics (eg Google etc), and do not store any user, or visitor data ourselves within the inner workings of this website, and its database.


Contact Form

Our contact form collects your name, email address, and a message that you input yourself. This data is posted back to our website via a secure connection, and then emails the enquiries address of the Grove.


This data is not stored, once the email has been processed by the website, and is not stored, or captured furthered within this web framework. Once the email is received by the Grove, this message is then covered by the Groves communication privacy policies.



This website does not actively create, or use any client cookies in anyway.


A cookie is a tiny piece of data, which is usually in the form of some kind of hash, or encrypted ID number, which can then be used, for the website to identify you as a single user.


This could then show you your information such as shopping carts, or account information. As our website does not use functionality such as this, then we have no need to use cookies.


Note that our admin area of the website does use standard cookies created by the WordPress environment. However only authorised members of the Grove, and web developers, have access to this, who have their own privacy statements available, in regards to the content management of this website.